Lake Tahoe

Protein Matrix reduces overall wastewater treatment costs from source to effluent into the environment.

Michael Murphy
Operations Operator III/Chemist, IVGID WWTP

incline village report

Pilot & Case Studies

Lake Tahoe


  • Wastewater treatment plants can reduce cleaning, odor and maintenance due to the accumulation of fat, oil and grease (FOG) in lift stations through the consistent application of Protein Matrix Industrial Grease Remediation (IGR)
  • The accumulated FOG in a lift station can be reacted, passed through the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), and processed without damaging, interrupting, or otherwise obstructing biological treatment methods and processes.

From June-September 2014, Protein Matrix conducted a pilot in cooperation with the public works department of Incline Village, NV (Incline Village General Improvement District) in order to test effectiveness of the Protein Matrix Industrial Grease Remediation (IGR) and its compatibility with wastewater treatment plant processes.  As seen in the figures below, FOG had accumulated in the corners of a lift station only eight days after it was cleaned. During the study, we found that IGR reacted with suspended FOG, preventing accumulation of oil and grease in this lift station. You can read more about this pilot study in the report available for download.