A full report, including all plant process parameters, is available for download below.

Protein Matrix Total Treatment Study Report

Pilot & Case Studies

Total Influent Treatment

Summer 2015

Prior to the pilot study, the presence of FOG within this 15 MGD water treatment facility resulted in repetitive daily maintenance.  This same statement is probably true for the majority of water treatment plants and outlying collection systems.  Over three months, Protein Matrix application at the facility headworks, resulting in treatment of 100% of this facility’s influent, resulted in:

  • An estimated 50% decrease in FOG-related operations and maintenance
  • No adverse effects on either plant processes or the collection system
  • No downstream resolidification of FOG
  • Elimination of a historically-present “grease odor”
  • An anticipated reduction in equipment wear/tear

As seen to the left, the primary clarifiers were “the best they’ve ever looked”.  The operators noticed no negative effects on effluent quality, treatment processes, and dewatering.