Throughout the course of our installations within water treatment plants (WWTP), operators did not experience any changes in effluent quality, plant processes and dynamics, and biological treatment methods

  • Because fat, oil and grease (FOG) particles are increasingly digestible as their size is reduced, WWTP bacterial populations are balanced.
    • Nocardia and filamentous organism growth is prevented
    • “Bad” bacteria will no longer grow at the expense of “good” bacteria

A full description of all measured parameters, including nutrient content, oxygen demand, pH, and solids, are found in the reports available for download.

Protein Matrix Total Treatment Study Report

Protein Matrix Plant Report 2



  • Increased digestibility of PM-FOG particles
    • Increased activated sludge production
    • Less dissolved oxygen (DO) needed
  • Lowered energy costs
    • DO blowers run less frequently
    • Pumps run at increased efficiency due to effective increase in pipe diameter
  • Reduced plant maintenance (saves man-hours)
    • Fewer pumping and cleaning actions due to FOG buildup
    • No delays due to emergency pumping during equipment breakdowns
  • Reduced odor related to H2S production from slimes and FOG