Jan 21, 2015   |   News

Protein Matrix is NSF-Certified

Protein Matrix is proud to announce that our Industrial Grease Remediation (IGR) formulation has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Under NSF/ANSI 60, Protein Matrix has been approved for use in wastewater and potable water systems.

NSF was founded in 1944 as an independent certification organization in order to protect and improve global human health. Manufacturers, regulators and consumers look to NSF to develop public health standards and certifications that help protect food, water, consumer products and the environment.

This certification is an exciting step for Protein Matrix and once again showcases our commitment to safety.

One comment on “Protein Matrix is NSF-Certified”

  1. Brent says:

    I was reading a recent article from Water Environment & Technology regarding you Industrial Grease Remediation product.

    With most industrial facilities that produce large amounts of FOG, how effective is your product during sanitation periods where the use of high pH and heavily laden surfactant cleaners are used?

    Thank you,

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